What to Learn About the Smart Sense System in Your Genesis

No matter which Genesis model you own, your vehicle has an unrivaled suite of standard features to bring incredible comfort, luxury, and convenience to your drives around Cerritos, Long Beach, Anaheim, and beyond. Standard features include an incredible audio system, navigation, smartphone connectivity and charging, a powerful engine, and much more-including the Smart Sense system. This article from the team at Norm Reeves Genesis will provide you with a breakdown of what you need to learn about the Smart Sense system in your Genesis.

What is Genesis Smart Sense?

Genesis Smart Sense is a suite of active driver-assisting safety technologies that come standard with every Genesis model. These technologies are designed to prevent some of the most common causes of collisions on the road, making tricky driving scenarios easier to navigate, and providing alerts when necessary, to help avoid harm. Included with Smart Sense, you'll get all these smart technologies:

Lane Keep Assist

This system uses a camera to detect lane markings. When you drift from your designated lane, the system will provide you with an alert by vibrating the steering wheel and flashing a display signal. In some cases, the car can even provide automatic steering assistance to direct the vehicle safely back toward the center of the lane.

Smart Cruise Control with Stop/Start

A radar sensor on the front of the vehicle can detect your distance from the car ahead. Set a desired speed and following distance, and this system will automatically apply the brakes and accelerate to keep up with traffic. Even after coming to a complete stop, once the car ahead starts moving again, the system will reengage.

Blind Spot Detection with Rear Cross-Traffic Alert

This system constantly monitors for cars traveling in your vehicle's blind spots. A light in the side mirrors will indicate that it is not safe to change lanes. If you activate the turn signal, you'll be alerted with a secondary warning not to change lanes. Rear Cross-Traffic Alert can alert you of approaching cars in the lane behind you as you reverse out of a parking space.

Automatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection

Using the front radar sensor and camera, this system can detect slow or stopped vehicles ahead, as well as pedestrians in your path, and can engage automatic braking to prevent frontal collisions.

High Beam Assist

The front camera on the vehicle can detect oncoming vehicles. When traveling with high beams on at night, this system can automatically switch between high and low beams to avoid impairing the vision of oncoming or preceding drivers.

Driver Attention Alert

This advanced system analyzes driving patterns and lane positioning to detect driver distraction or fatigue. A visual and audio alert will suggest that you take a break when necessary.

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